Sunday, 28 April 2013

Who Do You See...

Who Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?
Valentines come in all shapes, sizes...and with a varying degree emotion.

Keeping this in mind, I allowed my Muse to guide me through a selection of tissue and art papers.
The tissue from Starbucks was perfect! It had just the words I was looking for. Fascinated by logo design of all kinds, I have always been a fan of the graphics and marketing material the company has put together.  The Starbucks Siren  is iconic. And the mermaid set my mind adrift.

Is the love we have enough? Does Valentines Day give you a feeling of bliss or foreboding?  Are there questions you wish were answered? Do you feel, like the mermaid, that you are a mythical creature swimming in the uncharted waters of love?

The layout is the Bridge, which I have to admit is one of my favourites. I chose the colours in keeping with traditional Valentines. The substrate is a 5" x 5" canvas. Papers used are White Mulberry Paper, Printed tissue paper, handmade paper using acrylic paint and Ranger Inks inks, words from an old Dictionary, and tissue paper from Starbucks.

The rubber stamp of the woman's profile was just what I needed to tell the story of this Valentine.

"Who Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?". I wonder how often the question has been asked.