Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mixed Media Artists-Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Chasing Rainbows - ATC
Happy Earth Day! Over a billion people will share in celebration today, the forty-fourth anniversary of the annual day of awareness and action. And yes, this unabashed Tree-Hugger will be celebrating!

There is no question that we all have a role to play in taking care of the Earth. If we even make a small change, each one of us together can bring great transformations.

"Chasing Rainbows" is an Artist Trading Card. The substrate for the card is illustration board. Layered on the card is a combination of different coloured paint samples, handmade paper, joss paper, and a wrapper from a Hershey's Kiss. The quote is cut from an old dictionary. I finished the card by adding a decorative leaf.

But aren't we collage and mixed-media artists living the spirit of Earth Day every time we produce our work? Aren't we staying true to our Muse when we follow the path of nature and inspiration?

Who could not be inspired by all the magical wonders the Earth has to offer? Just think of what life would be like without the vastness of space, the infinite variety of colour presented to us with each sunrise and sunset, the boundless texture and form of soil, the nurturing sensation of rain...giving way to rainbows, when we are fortunate enough to see them.

We mixed media artists do chase our own rainbows in our own way....our mantra "reuse and recycle". And haven't the resulting finished art been incredible!

May you have a wonderful, inspiring Earth Day...each and every day!

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