Sunday, 11 May 2014

What Are Your Cherished Memories?

There Is Only One Coney Island - Collage
Growing up in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, New York afforded me a childhood filled with magic and mystery...and a feeling that anything we could dream we could attain if we lived a fearless life. And even though I no longer live in Brooklyn, it will always be home.

I can't reminisce without dreaming of Coney Island. For me, Coney Island is more than just an amusement park or a beach. It was, and still is for me, an all-encompassing experience. I loved the ride on the subway to get there, the salty taste of the ocean, discovering "wonders" in the Wax Museum, scaring myself to death on an assortment of rides, falling in  love Nathan's hot dogs and fries...but most of was a time I shared with my Mom and my Grandmother. Our laughter and smiles will forever be enhanced by the glittering reflections of the Ocean. And I never fail to hear my Grandmother's voice saying "Grab your bathing suits...we're going to Coney Island" every time I see a full orange sun lounging in a simmering Summer sky.

Mother's Day is even more special when I think of all they gave me through their wit. wisdom, and encouragement. They shared their personal Muse with me and supported my search to find my own.

The substrate for the collage is canvas covered with various ticket stubs, art paper, handmade paper, and maps. The black and white photo is an image transfer on to packing tape. I finished the collage using acrylic paint and stencils.

What cherished memories do you share with the special women in your life on this Mother's Day?