Saturday, 31 January 2015

What Inspires Your Heart?

Dreaming of the Moon - Digital Collage
What inspires your heart? The question posed by Unruly PaperArts was a delicious one. And one I could not resist.

January 31st is the day designated as "Inspire Your Heart With Art Day". The day encourages looking at Art of any discipline, making it a vital part of your life, and using today as a way of celebrating. Unruly PaperArts is doing just that by having an online Party!

For me, the Arts and my life are so intertwined I can't begin to see where one starts and the other ends. It is a seamless, comforting, coverlet triggered by my dreams.

I've enjoyed working digitally. Again, my Muse led me to my collection of Lunagirl Moonbeam image CDs. With dreaming on my mind I chose Sir Frederic Leighton's painting "Flaming June". The beauty of the woman deep in sleep inspired me. What were her dreams and hopes as she blissfully reclined in repose? Who did she see in her dreams?

The composition fell into place...first Leighton's woman, and the Moon and clouds. I added images from a conventional collage I put together a few years ago: the type, the rice paper, printed tissue paper.

My dreams inspire me. Following those dreams have taken me to places I have never thought possible. The Arts are the means...a soaring soul is my destination.

What inspires your heart...not only today, but every day?