Saturday, 17 January 2015

When Did You Last Receive A Handwritten Letter?

OPEN AT ONCE - Collage
There is something about a handwritten letter that warms the heart. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike emails and texts. They have their place as an efficient, and quick, means to communicate. But letters...sigh...they speak in an enchanted language all their own. The choice of paper, the envelope, the stamp and any other embellishment the writer wishes to affix says just as much about them as the words they choose to add to paper.

Today is "National Send A Handwritten Letter Day". Celebrated on January 17th it is the birthday our first Postmaster General of the United States, Benjamin Franklin.

Again...synchronicity at play...I am a Lunagirl Moonbeams Design Team member. Our current challenge is Postcards and Letters. What could be a more perfect way to celebrate Handwritten Letter Day!

I recently entered into a paper swap and received a huge envelope full of beautiful postcards, paper and ephemera of all sorts from Germany. In the package was a brochure from the Sir Hubert von Herkomer's, Herkomer Museum in Landsberg am Lech in Bavaria. The tower of the Mutterturm was incredible and very romantic. I knew I wanted to add this image to the tag I was working on.

But which Lunagirl image to choose? I loved them all, but finally settled on a woman pensively holding a letter in her hand. What could she be contemplating? Was there a story unfolding as I gathered up my art supplies? I let my Muse guide me.

The old saying, "No news is good news" kept coming back to me. Inspired by Handwritten Letter Day, I thought..isn't a letter the best news of all...a little bit of magic in your hand?

The substrate for the tag is illustration board. I covered the background with Distress Ink, fluid and metallic acrylics. In addition to the lovely Lunagirl image, I added the Muttertrum, fabric, Junk Mail, wax infused and art paper, telephone book paper and other ephemera from my collection. I rubber stamped the saying on to a vintage envelope from the 1920's. Stenciling completed the tag. In honour of went the tag for a "magical" tag swap.

I hope you are all enjoying "National Send A Handwritten Letter Day" as much as I am. You still have a few hours left. Why not touch someones heart in your magical way by saying "hello" with a letter?