Saturday, 7 March 2015

Make Your Art Roar!

BOTANICAL LIFE - Digital Collage
Cold, ice, snow. Are you, like me, so tired of hearing these words in the weather forecasts?

When the Fruits and Flowers Lunagirl Moonbeam Challenge was announced I was more than ready to begin! And who could resist the beautiful images Lunagirl provided as inspiration?

I always loved the nonchalant  pose and lovely Spring inspired attire of the woman I chose for the collage. With Daylight Savings Time on the horizon, and looking out of my studio window at the falling snow, I wanted the work to have a warm and sunny ambiance. My heart and soul needed it! In addition to the Lunagirl Botanical images, I added backgrounds and ephemera from my collection.

The long-standing  idiom about March coming in like a lion certainly is true this year. Most of the East coast of the United States is weather weary...and dreaming of warm, sunlit days.

As artists, we are fortunate that we can create our own little place in the sun through our work. And like March, we can come in with a roar...if we want to. How do you make your Art roar?