Monday, 21 September 2015

The Sisterhood...Knitting Our Lives Together

Did you ever wonder what sisters get up to when they visit with each other?

Many years ago I purchased a lot of old photos on Ebay. In the group was the photo of the four women. On the back in pencil was scribbled "We sisters have fun!" It was such a lovely photo and sentiment I couldn't resist incorporating it into a collage. But how?

 Again my Muse guided me to an assortment of experimental papers. I've been trying new techniques with wax and inks. And there it was. In a page torn from a book was this passage: "the four sisters knitting away in the twilight". Perfect, especially for a very enthusiastic amateur knitter like myself.
I primed two canvases for the diptych with acrylic paint and inks. The papers I used all seemed to just fall into place...CitraSolv, tissue, pattern, art, handmade, and even Braille paper went into the mix. Next was the photo...I wanted the sisters to be in the thick of things...surrounded with warmth and the fun of knitting. I completed the collage with a vintage knitting pattern and stenciled acrylic paint.
The Sisterhood. It can encompass close friends or family. It's the place where we feel safe and at ease with the people we knit into our lives.
The work will be one of twenty-eight pieces on display as part of my solo show at the Oyster Mill Playhouse in Camp Hill, PA. The exhibit will run from September 25th to October 11th, 2015 during the performance run of  the play "Next To Normal". I hope if you are in the area you will take in the show and view the exhibit.