Thursday, 20 April 2017

Libraries - Sharing the Passion of Learning

The Journey From There To Here  - Collage
Is there anywhere more wonderful than a Library? From expansive to diminutive all share the passion and joy of learning.

If you are in the Carlisle, PA area please stop by the Bosler Library on West High Street near Dickinson College. Carlisle Arts Learning Center (CALC) exhibits member's works at the Main Entrance. This month I am taking part.

To read more about the beautiful Bosler Library and the exhibit, please visit this link:

My Grandfather pictured in the collage was a great lover of Libraries and Museums. He and my Mom spent wonderful hours together discovering the joys that were there for the taking. My Mom passed this passion on to me. Libraries helped to shape my life. They give my artist's soul wings! Visit your local Library today!