Friday, 29 September 2017

Don't Let Anyone Burst Your Bubble!

“Don’t let anyone burst your bubble!”
I enjoy trading art. It’s great to see what is currently motivating other artists to create. Our Artistcellar Design Team inspiration this time is the Kylie Fowler Faces Series. There are four distinct views of a face, each one different enough to use in a variety of designs. My choice of the four was an easy one for me. Something about the expression in her eyes and the cheerful cheek circles made me think of the blissful feeling we experience when seeing a floating cluster of soap bubbles. I decided to expand on this concept. Wanting to share some happiness, I made my choice the Joy stencil. She became the focal point of my Mail Art project.

The only requirement for the current Mail Art challenge is to recycle a paper bag into an envelope. I decided to use a standard heavy paper bag I received from my favourite Chinese restaurant.
I have never used stamp pad ink through a stencil so I decided to give it a go. The results were even better than I expected, and a pleasant surprise. The face has a slightly rough appearance similar to graffiti art. This is a technique I will use on future projects as well. I am also happy to say the stencil cleaned up in seconds and remains in perfect condition, not at all unusual for Artistcellar products.

I masked off a single dot on each of the Halftone Dots stencils. Choosing an assortment of acrylic colours I added the dots with no particular pattern in mind. What formed was just a swirl of bubbly shapes and colour, leaving just enough room for the address.

We are artists. With each new work we share a part of ourselves. My hope is that as my envelope leaves me and starts its journey to France it brings a smile to everyone who sees it. And with her knowing grin, I am sure Joy would never let anyone burst her bubble!