Monday, 10 October 2011

Sisterhood of the Muse

"Beatrice" - Marie Spartali Stillman
Are you ready to journey with the Muse?

Throughout history, artists, dancers, writers, and poets search for a Muse for guidance, inspiration, passion, and the spark of creativity.

As a member of Sisterhood of the Muse, this Blog is home to the work of artists, and like minded-people, who hear her voice and allow the fascination to begin.

As a classically trained visual artist and dancer, I enjoy exploring the seduction of spirit and following the journey wherever it may take me. Implementing a variety of techniques, my work is a convergence of the traditional with the both the visual and performing arts.

Above all, my wish is to share what inspires me. Hopefully, if you take the journey led by my Muse, she will renew the sense of wonder that dwells in us all.