Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Collage: All Good Things....


I am usually a torn paper person. I love nothing more than to experiment with paper. I adore the way paper speaks with a language all its own with a sound and finished look that is unique.

As this collage uses a grid, I decided to step out of the world of organic edges and into the orderly neighbourhood of Squares and Rectangles. I decided to enhance the angular feel by cutting all of my papers. A bit more time consuming and different to my "tear and glue" method of collage, but I enjoyed it all the same. I wondered if my Muse was trying to teach me a lesson in patience.

The collage incorporates art papers, postage stamps, ticket stubs, wallpaper, newspaper, dictionary clippings, art tissue paper, and handmade papers. I enhanced some of the papers with inks and dyes.

For the most part, I used Matte Medium to adhere the papers to the 6" x 6" canvas substrate. I am not a great lover of the colour green. I did find some beautifully textured green paper. I covered it with Iridescent Medium. It then gave me the texture I wanted and toned down the green which I'm really not keen on. 

But now for a title. The first line of my horoscope was "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait". A message from my Muse? Perhaps.