Thursday, 26 November 2015

An Attitude of Gratitude

Giving Thanks in the 50's - Digital Collage
Didn't life seem vibrant in the 1950's?

On the surface, the country had a decidedly optimistic vibe. Popular culture was in its heyday. Televisions were now in many homes. The flickering black and white screens televised  a range of viewing options from the hilarious antics of Lucy and Ethel to the wisdom of Fulton J. Sheen. The art, fashion, music, and automotive industries all pushed the boundaries of what was previously accepted behaviour. After the stark War years, Americans were grateful. They were thankful for the new and ever-changing opportunities now with their reach. It seemed as if there were no boundaries. The sky was the limit.

Embraced by these emotions I embarked on the next Lunagirl Moonbeam challenge. The Theme for November  is Thanksgiving/Harvest/ Gratitude. There are always so many choices to be had from Lunagirl's collage sheets. I chose a woman delightfully showing off  her new space age refrigerator from the Lunagirl Retro 1950's collection. 

The work is a digital collage. I kept the Mid-Century Modern ambiance by incorporating various 1950' s patterns as a background and on the woman's apron. And nothing says happiness and thanks to me better than sunflowers. But I do have to ask...did we really clean the house in heels, pearls, and a twinset?

As we Americans celebrate this Thanksgiving Day, my wish is that you find your sky-is-the-limit vibe. And may you share it with the people who support your attitude of gratitude.