Saturday, 21 November 2015

Do You Need A Creative Nudge?

LOLA. Sumi-e Ink Drawing
Creativity can be elusive. Comforting when you are surrounded by it. Maddening when your Muse just refuses to guide. Sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction. And inspiration can come from anywhere.

I am delighted to see that line work is making a comeback. From calligraphy on billboards and restaurant chalkboard menus to the renewed interest in colouring books for both children and adults melting, meandering marks of ink are everywhere. And I couldn't be happier!

I've always loved to draw. It was foundation of my work in years past as it is today. So when I saw the call from UPPERCASE magazine for contributions to their Creative Calendar I couldn't wait to submit. Their description of the Calendar inspired me: It’s not a day planner but rather a place to encourage creative thinking and dreaming.

I submitted two drawing and a piece of calligraphy for review. I am delighted to say I recently found out my work will be among the art included for publication. I am elated to have my work published with such inspiring an inspiring company.

The image submitted is of my cat, Lola. I drew him (Yes, "him"...he was named after the song Lola by the Kinks) with a bamboo brush and ink. I hope Lola inspires someone using the calendar as much as he inspired me.

Available to UPPERCASE magazine readers who subscribe by November 30, 2015, the calendar is to be included with Issue 28 in January 2016.

Do you need a nudge to prompt your creative thinking and dreaming? Why not give The Creative Calendar a place on your wall in 2016?

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