Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Romance At A Time Before Texting & Emails....

REUNION - Heart & Kisses Digital Collage
February. The month unique not only in its length, but also in ambiance. It is the month when we are given a reprieve from the cold and snow, even if it is only for one day, and our hearts are warmed with the spirit of Valentine's Day.

I am a new member of the Gecko Galz Design Team. I will be posting a new image monthly on the second of every month. For February the theme, of course, is Hearts & Kisses.

When provided with the beautiful Gecko Galz collage sheets, the image of the man and woman by J.C. Leyendecker jumped out at me. Leyendecker's work is sumptuous, delicious, and heartfelt without being cloying. As an illustrator, his work always makes me think: "Wish I did that!". 

Who were this loving couple? I tried to imagine the setting of their passionate embrace. In my mind, it felt like a reunion at a time before emails and texting...when the way to someone's heart was through a letter or telegram.

I constructed the digital work around the Leyendecker image. The yellow roses, sky at sunrise, and envelope are from my collection. The heart and arrow background and Cupid are from the Gecko Galz. 

And in the spirit of love and sharing you will find the Free Gecko Galz Digi Stamp here.
Please let the stamp inspire your romantic February Art!

Reunions. Letters. Telegrams. Such Romance! Here's hoping cupid shoots an arrow your way this Valentine's Day!