Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Finding the Sacred in Your Heart...

The Sacred Heart
When friends and colleagues learn I am part of the Artistcellar Design Team, I am often asked what I like the most about the stencils. There’s the obvious answer concerning the quality and durability of the material used for the products. Clean up is a breeze…and that’s so important to me. I know I will be able to use the stencils for a long time to come…with a variety of paints, sprays and mediums. 

I believe your tools, as much as your Muse, can greatly influence your art journey. So if I had to pick one feature that puts these stencils in a league of their own, it would be the wide variety of themes.  

From childhood to the present, an interest in religion and spirituality has shadowed my life and work. Miracles, visions, esoteric thought, meditation, the afterlife…and their believers, of all denominations…continue to intrigue me. 

That’s why seeing the spiritual leaning of many of the Artistscellar stencils is inspiring and the reason I am pulled to the Sacred Heart Series. A Catholic icon, the Sacred Heart appeared as vision to several mystics throughout history. 

Looking through the series I decided to use the traditional version of the Heart surrounded by the crown of thorns. In my collection of ephemera I have a postcard of a nun in a garden. She brought to mind the story learned in catechism class about Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, V.H.M.  A Roman Catholic nun and mystic, Saint Margaret Mary shaped modern devotion to the Sacred Heart. Her view extolled the wonders of love and compassion for mankind.

I decided to pay homage to Holy Cards so often venerating the life of Saints. Starting with a 12th Century icon image I layered both traditional materials and digital files keeping to a colour scheme rich in metallics.

Love, spirit, compassion for others…these are principles we all can share, however you choose to worship, or not to worship.