Saturday, 2 April 2016

Transformation Starts Within...

Have you noticed certain words coming to your attention lately? For me, it has all been about new beginnings...with words like transformation, change, renovation, transfiguration, and the one I like most of all Metamorphosis, showing themselves to me in conversations and the printed word.

With this is mind, I welcomed the next Gecko Galz challenge, Butterflies and Lace. And if you peek below you will find a free Digi Stamp, compliments of the Gecko Galz to use in your work.

I started with the beautiful image of Paule Morley from the Gecko Galz collage sheets. Although not much is known about her life, we do know she was a French danseuse best known for her version of the Mattchiche, an Afro-Brazilian dance. I loved her pose in the card and couldn't wait to start work on it.  The butterflies and lacy background are from both the Gecko Galz and my own collection.  I also added a doily in the middle of the nebula circling Paule's wonderful headdress.

Sometimes life gives you a nudge in the right direction...with a word casually mentioned here or there. And sometimes life really gives you a strong shove moving you where you need to be. As long as we are listening, we can transform ourselves, like the metamorphosis of the butterfly.  But the transformation starts within. Are you listening?