Friday, 4 March 2016

Finding Your Own Circle of Stars...

SEED OF LIFE - Collage
We came whirling
out of nothingness
scattering stars like dust.
The stars made a circle
and in the middle
we dance.

A fragment of a Rumi poem came to mind when the Artistcellar Sacred Geometry 2 stencils arrived in the mail. I couldn’t wait to open the packet and spread them out on my work table

The concept of Sacred Geometry is intriguing. Its principles unite patterns and proportion in the spiritual and natural world. Although I am just a novice, for me every day is a new discovery of how the sacred symbols bring order to our world. The unite us. They help us to see what we have in common…the feelings and hopes we all share. They help us to understand the world around us and within us.

Every stencil in the new collection is lovely but my eye kept coming back to “The Seed of Life”. The Seed of Life is about the magic and mystery of creativity. The seven circles, who some feel represent the seven days of creation, interlace. It is this pattern that forms the Flower of Life, one that decorates religious buildings and art throughout history.

Could it be this time of year, just on the cusp of Spring with daylight stating to push back the night? Could it be the fact that the new stencil series is beginning to help artists expand their creativity? Could it be the fact that I have always been inspired by circular designs? For all of these reasons, and more, I followed my Muse and began to work.

Sunflowers always remind me of the Rumi poem…scattering stars...or seeds…in a circle. The majestic flowers follow the sun by turning their heads throughout the day. The way in which they seek the nourishment they need and their beautiful golden yellow petals, never fail to inspire me with hope and belief in the future.

With my materials at hand, I started the work. Heavy watercolour paper is the substrate for my collage. I sponged the background with a variety of metallic acrylic paints and sprayed it with Glimmer Mist. The stencil was added next using gold metallic acrylics. I added torn handmade paper and fragments from a Math book. Using an Artistcellar Pocket Stencil, I sponged on the word “SEEK” in Lapis blue.  Next followed the sunflower and dried hydrangea petals. The collage was completed with additional stenciling.

So in the end, we are all seekers. By whatever method we arrive at our own spiritual truth, one thing is certain. We all aspire to dance in joy. And may you find your own circle of stars.