Friday, 11 March 2016

Soaring To New Heights...

Is there an issue you wish you could make peace with but just can't find the guidance you need?  Do you have a question floating around in your mind? Are the problems many, but the answers as elusive as catching a feather in the wind?

Inspired by a gift sent to me by my friend and painter Chris Ludke, I welcomed our next Lunagirl Moonbeam Design Team Challenge: Spring Flowers & Birds.

For my birthday, Chris sent me an Answer Feather card. It is beautiful. Many people use a found feather as a traditional healing tool. The feather helps those looking for guidance or direction with a problem. It works something like this: When you are outdoors, catch a feather that crosses your path. Keep it with you or hide it in a special location until a solution becomes clear. Once you have the direction you seek, offer thanks, and release the feather back into nature.

The entire cycle of discovery and release resonated with me. How often are our answer there within us? All we need is a prompt to let the idea grow wings and fly. And isn't being fully present, mindful, when we are most aware of the magic that surrounds us?

My collage uses conventional ephemera from my collection as well as the lovely flowers and feathers from Lunagirl's stunning collage sheets. The final art is a digital collage

Will you give the Answer Feather a try? Perhaps you'll find just the perfect feather to inspire you to soar to new heights.