Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Have You Set Your Intentions?



Time. It’s a commodity I am forever chasing.  Days melt into weeks. Rapidly weeks turn into months that segue into years.  How did I allow myself to become “so busy”? Are you the same?

Most of my daily activities are enjoyable. But sometimes I stop and wonder. Am I busy just to be busy?  Is my life just spiraling around me…or am I fully involved in the process of living? Am I still following my dreams, or is it just a happy accident when I do achieve them?

I needed time to think. And thinking is generated not only from my mind, but from my heart and hands.

I love designing with all of the Artistcellar stencils in my collection, but recently I find my Muse steering me to create using the Sacred Heart series. The traditional Sacred Heart design speaks to me. The Creative Words Pocket Stencils add the perfect accent. The words in the series are exceptional.  I took the stencils to my work table and started my collage. I wanted something I could use as a bookmark in my daily journal. I needed something to remind me to be an active part of this life that swirls around me.

My substrate is heavy drawing paper. I don’t use my watercolours as often as I should, so I decided now is the time. I splashed a wash of colours I found pleasing. When dried, I added stencil shapes and a ribbon of metallic acrylics. If you look closely you will also see a coffee wash…as I prefer to call my sometimes messy drinking. With the nib from the bottle of my liquid acrylics in hand I added the calligraphy…my intention…the start of truly living my dreams.

I may not always be able to achieve the mindfulness I strive for, but through my work I can move ahead to the place that brings me peace. And it is from a peaceful heart that I can travel in the direction of my intentions, to trust my way forward, to make my dreams a reality.

In the whirl of the day’s events, do you ever stop and ask yourself…am I making time for my dreams? Is now the time that you do?

Trust & Sacred Heart Artistcellar Stencils
Hand cut stencils
Art Paper
Drawing  paper
Metallic Acrylic Paint
Liquid Metallic Acrylic Paint
Winsor & Newton Watercolour Paint
Coffee Wash aka Being Messy