Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Change the Conversation...

Receiving the large parcel containing the new Artistcellar Halftone Dots stencils and Yasutomo Mineral Paper was a sweet homecoming. From art school to the present, my life has been all about printing.  The passion I felt in the printmaking studio for etching and lithography effortlessly gave way to screen printing, and then segued into the digital field of publication printing and advertising. Forever chasing perfect registration, the dots are friends who at times can be mischievous, but never dull, dancing on a variety of papers like moonbeams slipping across silk.

For someone who loves paper as much as I do, the Mineral Paper was certainly a delight. Made from rocks it has a beautifully smooth texture. Wet or dry media are equally at home on the brilliant white surface.

It’s also no secret that I adore vintage images. From the 1880’s through to Mid-Century modern, the photos are the stuff of dreams for a collage artist.  Who are the people in the photos? What were their lives like? What is their story?

My Muse prompted me to use a photo I have been saving for just the right project. The woman in her blue suit, white hat and bouquet of flowers radiated the Mad Men era which I thought a perfect framework for the new stencils. I couldn’t help but imagine her world. Could she be a Mad Woman? What was it like to be in advertising in the 1960’s? Was she waiting to start a conversation? Or was she the person to change it?

I set out to work with ink, watercolour, and acrylic paints. Below you will see just a few of my combinations using the paints with a brush, a sponge, and my fingers. 

The Mineral Paper performed perfectly. The smooth surface enhanced the stenciling. I normally work on a very heavy paper or illustration board. The Mineral Paper will now be my go to substrate.  I love it! When dry, it was as flat as when I started and my colours just as vibrant. It made scanning so much easier. I finished the piece, “Five O’clock World”, as a digital file. Finding inspiration in the Op Art of the era, I layered my stencils to fit neatly within the clouds surrounding the woman.
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Are you captivated by circles and dots? The Halftone Dots Series can be used in so many ways...conventionally and digitally. And the Mineral Paper is the perfect complement. In collage or journaling the pairing is the ultimate match that will easily allow you to express your thoughts. 

After all, you can be the one to change the conversation.