Monday, 2 May 2016

Do Your Prayers Take Flight?

The weather has been gloomy the last few days, but late this afternoon the sun and a hint of blue sky finally made an appearance. The feeling in the breeze was so much like the art I finished for the next Gecko Galz Team Challenge: Garden of Dreams.

When I reviewed the collage sheets sent to my Inbox, my heart was drawn to note paper with a delicate aqua umbrella and a row of flags. But what to match it with? And there she was...a woman with a wreath in her hair, seeming to float along a caressing breeze.

I love the Tibetan concept of Prayer Flags. The flags to don't carry prayers to God, but rather it is believed they are blown and faded by the wind, scattering good wishes, peace, and compassion into the Universe to be shared by all who are touched by the breeze. The Tibetans continually pin new flag beside the old to keep the hope and wishes for the world alive.

Although I know the flags in the collage aren't traditional Prayer Flags, my thoughts and hopes mirror those of the Tibetans. The digital collage incorporates two sheets form the Gecko Galz lovely Spring Awakening and Dreams of Spring collage sheets. I also added the new Artistcellar Halftone Dots stencils.

With the gentle days of Spring finally with us, and Mother's Day just a few days away, why not make a Prayer Flag of your own? You might even add the free digistamp here compliments of the Gecko Galz.
Who knows, your hopes and wishes might be just the thing to transform the life of someone you've yet to meet.